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T.J. and his Rocket Cycle have become a favorite of parade-goers everywhere. He has rode this “one-wheeled wonder” in over 100 parades and events all across the midwest. People always say, “WOW, what is that he is riding?” They are eager to see this amazingly rare cycle. Everyone enjoys the spirit and personality of T.J. Howell, as he rides by smiling, waving and greeting the audience. Whirling by and around in circles he goes, T.J. grabs the crowds attention with his every move.

T.J. Howell’s Rocket Cycle is one big wheel with rider and engine inside its circumference. It is similar to a unicycle, however, instead of sitting above the wheel, the rider sits inside! Unbelievable!

At night, T.J.‘s Rocket Cycle comes to life with its spectacular customized led lights, making it a unique attraction for all to see. If you are looking for something different and exciting to add to your parade or event, the Rocket Cycle is it!

T.J.’s newest mind-blowing feat is his ability to ride his Rocket Cycle on ICE!! This proves to be an even more remarkable stunt.

T.J. Howell’s Rocket Cycles were custom built by Kerry McLean, creator of the McLean Wheel. Kerry McLean.com


“Totally entertaining, you are a true entertainer and the rocket cycle was a highlight in the parade.” - Green County Cheese Days

“Thank you for participating in our parade, you were a HOOT with your Rocket Cycle.” - Racine Holiday Parade

“Amazing & Exciting!” - Wo-Zah-Wa Days Fall Festival Parade

“2010 1st place Specialty Unit” - 38th Annual Warrens Cranberry Festival Parade

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Wisconsin Dells Wo-Zha-Wa Parade
Warrens Cranberry Festival Parade
Reedsburg Butter Festival Parade
Richland Center Fall Festival Parade
Baraboo Christmas Parade
Beloit Christmas Parade
Janesville Labor Day Parade
Zion, IL Labor Day Parade
Harvard, IL Milk Days Parade
And many more!

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